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energetics/fedoroff/FedoroffVOL10 and Index.djvu 24.97 MB
energetics/fedoroff/FedoroffVOL07.djvu 24.73 MB
energetics/fordham - HE and propellants.pdf 2.78 MB
energetics/[1875] Notes on certain explosive agents. By Walter N. Hill .pdf 2.60 MB
energetics/Pyrotechnics_by_G._Weingart_2nd_ed._Corrected.pdf 1.08 MB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Comp Guide.doc 1.52 MB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Some suppliers.pdf 169.08 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Manufacturers.pdf 112.39 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Pyro Photography.pdf 107.69 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Suppliers.pdf 106.98 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Personal Pyro Pages.pdf 90.96 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Pyro Clubs.pdf 86.12 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/How To Info.pdf 84.98 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Technical Info.pdf 84.62 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Legal and Safety Info.pdf 81.99 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Display Companies.pdf 81.43 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Tools.pdf 79.45 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/A few other things/Rockets.pdf 76.87 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/BONUS Gallery/4F 2002.pdf 495.65 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/BONUS Gallery/FPAG 2004 Maltese Show.pdf 432.31 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/BONUS Gallery/Lily Fireworks Factory.pdf 329.49 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/BONUS Gallery/Florida Fall Fireworks Festival 2001.pdf 250.98 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/BONUS Gallery/PGA 2001.pdf 166.15 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/7in Red Lantern Shell.pdf 328.05 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/1.75in Brothers Canister Shell.pdf 188.00 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/3in Tourbillion wReport and Red Stars.pdf 152.67 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/10in Double Petal Ball Shell.pdf 152.55 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/8in saturn shell.pdf 140.25 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/4in color wStrobe reports.pdf 138.87 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/STF 4in Red Scrambling Comet Mine.pdf 136.97 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/4in Peanute Shell.pdf 135.65 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/6in Smiley Face Pattern Shell.pdf 133.98 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/8in ring shell.pdf 132.82 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/Class b german rocket.pdf 128.72 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/4in red falling leaves.pdf 127.49 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/45mm italian candle.pdf 124.03 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/8in gold peony shell.pdf 116.01 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/19 shot chinese cake.pdf 115.86 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/6in White Elephant Pattern Shell.pdf 109.02 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/5in lidu crossette shell.pdf 108.14 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Autopsies/6in Crossing Rings wBowtie.pdf 107.76 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/6in atomic pattern shell.pdf 1.02 MB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/gum taped shells.pdf 580.15 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/4in plastic ball shell.pdf 545.89 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/vacu-forming part 1.pdf 425.95 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/pasting round shells.pdf 357.11 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/4in paper ball shell.pdf 305.74 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/6in double petal shell.pdf 295.22 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/1.75in Vacu-Form Molds.pdf 291.60 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/1.75in insert or ball shells.pdf 275.50 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/rolling round stars 3.pdf 273.32 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/rolling round stars 2.pdf 266.60 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/8in Brocade Crysanthemum.pdf 257.71 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/6in Ring and Bow Tie Shell.pdf 241.92 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/burst charges.pdf 225.11 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/rolling coreless microstars.pdf 213.36 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/easter egg shells.pdf 208.88 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/rolling round stars 1.pdf 203.52 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/vacu-forming part 2.pdf 186.96 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/6in Kaleidoscope wCrossing Rings.pdf 186.54 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/making KP charges.pdf 138.06 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/making cotton seed charges.pdf 135.08 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/strip pasting calculations.pdf 127.84 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ball Shells/making rice hull charges.pdf 88.70 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Cakes/reloadable z fan cake.pdf 477.73 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Cakes/reloadable fan cake.pdf 445.58 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Cakes/color to report cake.pdf 314.90 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Cakes/z bomb cake.pdf 203.32 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/4in 8 break piled shell.pdf 785.42 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/5in Rondelle WBottom Shot.pdf 648.58 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/6in crossette shell.pdf 399.63 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/5in pillbox shell.pdf 322.09 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/5in comet & scatter star shell.pdf 311.59 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/4in color shell.pdf 305.08 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/5in comet shell.pdf 271.39 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/5in sun and planets shell.pdf 264.18 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/1.5in insert shells.pdf 250.37 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/4in lampara shell.pdf 248.05 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/Time fuse & Spolettes.pdf 235.38 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/Film canister shells.pdf 184.07 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/1in Saettine Inserts.pdf 157.10 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/shell spiking basics.pdf 148.87 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/Lift Failure analysis.pdf 144.70 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/off center spiking.pdf 124.83 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Canister Shells/Hand rolling spolettes.pdf 104.53 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Comets/4in matrix comet.pdf 268.23 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Comets/attaching comets to shells.pdf 137.78 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Flying Spinners/three quarters inch ID buzz bomb.pdf 228.64 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Flying Spinners/half inch ID flying z bombs.pdf 205.92 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Flying Spinners/4 driver tourbillion.pdf 168.30 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Girandolas/24in Girandola w6in Header.pdf 792.68 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Girandolas/large frames.pdf 440.62 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Girandolas/beginner girandola.pdf 431.93 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Girandolas/12in girandola.pdf 272.11 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Girandolas/girandola design.pdf 266.43 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Girandolas/small frames.pdf 200.17 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ground Items/smoke bombs.pdf 261.34 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Ground Items/1.25in microstar gerb.pdf 215.12 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Maltese Fireworks/6in 3-Break wBottom Shot.pdf 950.51 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Maltese Fireworks/driver ramming tool.pdf 669.94 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Maltese Fireworks/6in compartment shell.pdf 345.57 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Maltese Fireworks/multi break shells.pdf 294.63 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Maltese Fireworks/multi break shell press.pdf 185.93 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Maltese Fireworks/shell roller tool.pdf 160.94 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Maltese Fireworks/star pump tool.pdf 151.48 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Mines/4in Star Mine wSaettines.pdf 249.86 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Rockets/4oz BP rocket.pdf 399.82 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Rockets/wooden stinger missile tool.pdf 309.17 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Rockets/mass rocket launcher tool.pdf 282.26 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Rockets/making whistle mix.pdf 234.75 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Rockets/clay rocket nozzles.pdf 203.74 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Rockets/bottle jack pressure gauge.pdf 191.81 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Rockets/loading pressure calculations.pdf 151.93 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Roman Candles/5 eighths inch Traditional Candle.pdf 525.88 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Untitled.png 901.75 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Wax Dipped Crossettes.pdf 469.11 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making black powder.pdf 290.54 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Using star plates.pdf 272.33 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making Cut Stars.pdf 242.07 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making cross match.pdf 232.15 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Mixing with screens.pdf 231.38 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making your own black match.pdf 228.59 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Tying clove hitch knots.pdf 169.01 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making your own charcoal.pdf 156.96 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Hand Rolling Match Pipe.pdf 147.89 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making paste.pdf 140.67 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Coating Magnesium.pdf 130.98 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making rough powder.pdf 128.95 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Making Chinese Fuse.pdf 127.02 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Torque Wrench Pressing.pdf 115.47 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Traditional Crossettes.pdf 105.83 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Paper Grain Direction.pdf 105.46 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/The Basics/Hand Rolling Tubes.pdf 102.92 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/crossette tools.pdf 508.08 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/gummed tape dispenser.pdf 467.87 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/The Poor Man's .75in Comet Plate.pdf 414.09 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/corning machine.pdf 326.62 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/ultimate star roller.pdf 320.07 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/ball milling jars.pdf 296.95 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/mixing screens.pdf 282.98 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/Home Made Star Plate.pdf 282.66 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/shell builders workbench.pdf 271.59 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/star roller design.pdf 268.83 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/Casting Milling Media.pdf 242.90 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/4in comet pump.pdf 229.49 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/making end disks.pdf 215.96 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/ball milling media.pdf 215.85 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/ball mill constuction.pdf 212.96 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/drying box.pdf 190.79 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/paper cutting station.pdf 179.90 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/star cutting tools.pdf 176.14 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/large case formers.pdf 171.57 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/ball mill design.pdf 165.53 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/Hemisphere Center Marker.pdf 164.45 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/Match Making Frame.pdf 162.32 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/round star sizing box.pdf 141.02 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/hydraulic press.pdf 138.41 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/Multi-Puck Powder Die.pdf 123.88 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/string dispenser.pdf 123.07 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/spiking horse.pdf 113.64 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/cross match punch.pdf 113.44 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Tools/Anvil Cutter Length Gauge.pdf 89.31 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Wheels/2 stage stick wheel.pdf 479.09 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Wheels/half inch saxon.pdf 266.25 KB
PASSFIRE ARCHIVE/Tutorials/Wheels/3 stage triangle.pdf 174.57 KB
The Best of AFN/The Best of AFN II.pdf 4.13 MB
The Best of AFN/The Best of AFN V.pdf 3.98 MB
The Best of AFN/The Best of AFN IV.pdf 3.56 MB
The Best of AFN/The Best of AFN III.pdf 2.78 MB
THERMALITE_files/therma02.jpg 16.35 KB
THERMALITE_files/therma04.jpg 16.07 KB
THERMALITE_files/therma07.jpg 15.37 KB
THERMALITE_files/therma03.jpg 14.47 KB
THERMALITE_files/therma01.jpg 12.24 KB
THERMALITE_files/therma06.jpg 11.88 KB
THERMALITE_files/therma05.jpg 10.77 KB
THERMALITE_files/digits.gif 238.00 B
Cutbush.pdf 54.21 MB
Journal Of Pyrotechnics - Lecture Notes (Kosanke 2004) - Upped by Alexires.pdf 45.78 MB
Simienowicz - The Great Art of Artillery.pdf 37.54 MB
ballmill.pdf 27.75 MB
Dictionary of Pyrotechnics by G. Weingart.pdf 24.45 MB
Weingart_Dictionary_and_Manual_of_Fireworks_with_color_plates.pdf 20.48 MB
Military And Civilian Pyrotechnics - Herbet Ellern.pdf 19.91 MB
Basic Pyrotechnical Manipulations (Westech - L-101 - 1970) 145s.pdf 11.46 MB
Pyrotechny (A Practical Manual for Manufactures of Fireworks, Signals, Flares & Pyrotechnic Displays) By George W Weingart.pdf 10.69 MB
A Practical Manual for the Manufacture of Fireworks Signal Flares and Pyrotechnic Displays - George Weingart.pdf 10.69 MB
George Weingart-A Practical Manual for the Manufacture of Fireworks Signal Flares and Pyrotechnic Displays.pdf 10.69 MB
Fireworks - The Art, Science and Technique - By Takeo Shimizu (Shimizu.doc).rar 9.78 MB
RSC - The Chemistry Of Fireworks.pdf 7.88 MB
Chymical__natural__and_physical_magic.pdf 5.59 MB
Fireworks - The Art, Science and Technique - By Takeo Shimizu.pdf 5.15 MB
Paladin Press - Magician's Arsenal, Professional Tricks Of The Trade.pdf 4.93 MB
Professional's Guide to Pyrotechnics - John Donner.pdf 4.76 MB
A Professionals Guide to Pyrotechnics.pdf 4.76 MB
Military & Civilian Pyrotechnics (Ellern).pdf 4.48 MB
Fireworks & Explosives.pdf 4.47 MB
DIY Black Powder.pdf 4.43 MB
CF v4 #2.pdf 4.06 MB
CF v3 #3.pdf 3.95 MB
Military and Civilian Pyrotechnics (1968) - OCR'ed (Excellent !!).rar 3.93 MB
Easy PVC Rockets (by Jason Smiley).pdf 3.88 MB
ellern_pyrotechnics.pdf 3.81 MB
Best of The Case Former.pdf 3.61 MB
Complete System of Pyrotechny.pdf 3.55 MB
Colmplete_System_of_Pyrotechnics_1829.pdf 3.55 MB
CF v4 #1.pdf 3.48 MB
A Study of Response to the Houston, Texas, Fireworks Explosion - By Lewis M. Killian (National Academy of Science-National Research Council - 1956) 38s.pdf 3.36 MB
Best of AFN III.pdf 2.78 MB
CF v3 #2.pdf 2.72 MB
Glitter_the_Chemistry_Techniques_by_Lloyd_Scott_Oglesby_2.pdf 2.69 MB
Glitter the Chemistry & Techniques - L. Scott Oglesby.pdf 2.69 MB
CF v2 #2.pdf 2.66 MB
CF v3 #1.pdf 2.60 MB
CF v2 #3.pdf 2.53 MB
Professional Homemade Cherry Bombs & Other Fireworks - Desert Publications.pdf 2.44 MB
Spin_Stabilized_Rockets_Book.pdf 2.44 MB
Amature Pyrotechnics by Dan Williams.pdf 2.40 MB
fulcan_1.pdf 2.08 MB
The_History_of_Firework_in_India.pdf 2.08 MB
CF v1 #3.pdf 1.99 MB
FIREWORKS -- Anderson_Robert_The_making_of_r[1].pdf 1.97 MB
Professional Homemade Salutes (Deset Publications).pdf 1.95 MB
Professional_Homemade_Salutes.pdf 1.95 MB
(MTV-1) Magnesium-Teflon-Viton Pyrotechnic Compositions.pdf 1.82 MB
Chemistry of Pyrotechnics Basic Principles and Theory by John A. Conkling.pdf 1.58 MB
Chemistry of Pyrotechnics- Basic Principles and Theory - Conkling.pdf 1.58 MB
FIREWORKS -- John Bate --SecondBooke[1].pdf 1.53 MB
Pyrotechnics - The History and Art of Firework Making - By Alan St. Hill Brock (D. O'Connor - 1922) 203s.pdf 1.48 MB
75g FP Salute, .25 mi distance, summer 05.rv 1.45 MB
Artifice_Chinois_1763_Ocr.pdf 1.40 MB
Manual Of Explosives, Military Pyrotecnics, And Chemical Warfare Agents (Bebie).pdf 1.39 MB
fulcan_2_Pt1.pdf 1.24 MB
Scientific America July 19902.pdf 1.22 MB
CF v2 #1.pdf 1.21 MB
NASA-95-tm110172 - Pyrotechnics.pdf 1.13 MB
fulcan_2_Pt2.pdf 1.12 MB
The Wizards Great Book of Absoundite & Forbidden Pyrotechnic Knowledge.pdf 1.10 MB
Basic Skyrocket Construction (Vander Horck).pdf 1.09 MB
Pyrotechnics by G. Weingart 2nd ed. Corrected.pdf 1.08 MB
CF v1 #1.pdf 1.01 MB
The Complete Book of Flash Powder.pdf 1.00 MB
CF v1 #2.pdf 692.46 KB
Bottle Rocket Handbook.pdf 670.22 KB
(MTV-2) Preparation of Magnesium-Fluoropolymer Pyrotechnic Material.pdf 638.51 KB
fulcan_2_Pt3.pdf 617.46 KB
A Study of Response to the Houston, Texas, Fireworks Explosion - By Lewis M. Killian (National Academy of Science-National Research Council - 1956) 38s.djvu 616.86 KB
Optimization of a Smoke Producer Composition by Experiment Design.pdf 367.59 KB
Air-fuel aerial fireworks display device - patent 5,841,061.pdf 332.71 KB
Air-fuel_Aerial_Fireworks_Display_Device_-_US_Patent_5841061.pdf 332.71 KB
A collection of pyrotechnic compositions.pdf 324.51 KB
Smoke_Screens,_Material_for_Producing_-_US_Patent_1461646.pdf 287.03 KB
WW2KClO3.jpg 277.38 KB
Smoke_Screen,_Pyrotechnical_Mixture_for_Producing_-_US_Patent_4968365.pdf 267.32 KB
Impact Firecrackers - John Donner.pdf 256.34 KB
Impact Firecrackers (Donner).pdf 256.34 KB
impactfirecrackers.pdf 240.25 KB
Aluminum Powder From Foil.pdf 240.00 KB
Careers.pdf 162.85 KB
OTC Shell-Version-Mumbles.pdf 161.13 KB
US3314835-Smoke_Generating_Composition.tif 116.36 KB
FX Black Powder.pdf 99.91 KB
Glitter Compositions and Information - Winokur.pdf 66.94 KB
Winokur's Glitter Compositions+Information.pdf 66.94 KB
Firework Chemistry.pdf 60.96 KB
Chemical Guide - Pyrotechnics.mht 56.93 KB
Cylindrical and Spherical Shells, Making Your First.pdf 52.70 KB
rec.pyrotechnics FAQ.txt 46.98 KB
Colored Flame Production.txt 46.55 KB
Pyrotechnics - How to Make Weak Explosives.pdf 44.43 KB
FLASH.txt 27.13 KB
pyrotechnics.rtf 26.85 KB
Smoke bombs.doc 23.00 KB
Green Goddess, How to Make.doc 20.00 KB
A_Brief_History_of_Fireworks_in_Britain.pdf 18.42 KB
CF Copyright Notice.pdf 5.84 KB
Aluminum Flares.txt 5.11 KB
Case Former CD.rtf 3.81 KB
Case Former CD.txt 882.00 B
Pyrotechnics, 4.06 GB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.rar 27.58 MB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.exe 499.33 MB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.mp3 81.26 MB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.mp3 36.51 MB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.avi 699.11 MB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.flac 2.45 GB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.mkv 1.21 GB
Pyrotechnics, Fireworks.mp3 119.27 MB
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